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The Sisterhood Experience 

About the Experience

Sisterhood-an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, who share light and dark parts of their journey, with affection, loyalty, validation and affirmation that comes from being truly seen by one another.

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The Sisterhood

The sisterhood is a group of professional 

Women who are dedicated to their personal development, healing and transformation.


We show up for ourselves in a way that embodies self-love. We lovingly hold each other accountable because we understand that we are truly and authentically our sister’s keeper. 


We understand  that our mental and emotional wellness is directly connected to our physical well-being, and ultimately to how our life unfolds. 

We prioritize our own mental and emotional health so that we can be at our best for ourselves, for each other and for our community.

Working at Outdoor Cafe

Membership Includes:

The Sisterhood tshirt

Quarterly workshops for self improvement

Discounted price for The Nirvana Wellness Experience Retreat

Ongoing support 

Community Service 



Sisterhood Membership



Every 4 months

Valid until canceled

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