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Choose Love for Life 

About the Experience

Choose Love For Life is a not for profit 501 (c) 3 organization established to or whose mission is to provide low cost or free mental wellness education and services and/or alternative methods to therapy. Established in 2016 after the shooting death of Dejah Joyner; a 12 year old 7th grade student, who attended ABGS Middle School in Hempstead, New York, where Cherie Dortch worked as a School Social Worker.  

Choose Love For Life has created a space for Black and Brown Men and Women to be seen and heard while on their journey to healing, utilizing workshops, webinars, therapy and other events that empower and inspire.


Let us choose love for ourselves, each other and our community.

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Choose Love For Life

 Empowered Women’s Dinner Series

Women from all walks of life discussing various topics that relate to improving one’s self and their relationships with others.

(This event is normally held prior to the annual Nirvana Wellness Experience Retreat)

Cocktails and Conversations: Speed Dating and Singles Social Event

Healthy conversations on how we can improve relationships between Black/Brown men and women, ending with intentional dating and fun.

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Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Learning to implement Emotional Intelligence in our daily life through self-awareness, and self-management while creating a happier, more fulfilled life.

Layman’s Terms

Free Webinars on mental health topics, delivered in ‘layman’s terms” or  language for everyone to understand.

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