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Lifetime's Worth Of Wisdom

This petite pink book collects words of wisdom from Cherie's creative minds. Readers will find inspirational insights, calls to action and encouragement to creativity.

Whatever You Are, Be A Good One

It's not always easy to acknowledge your amazing power-but this book will build you up with increasing assuredness. Use these affirmations to boost yourself on a bad day, or celebrate your resilience on a good one. The good news is, there's no wrong way to enjoy a positive outlook.


A Colorful Future

Enhance your favorite little girl's self-image and promote her path to a bright and healthy emotional future. Additionally, also contributes to intellectual growth. 

Self-doubt does not begin in adulthood. Issues with self-esteem, and conversely positive self-image, can often be attributed to early childhood experiences. Thus, promoting self-confidence and self-appreciation, and a positive attitude toward the self during the early years of life is of supreme importance.


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